South Dakota Farmers Union Recognizes Farm Safety Year-Round

In recognition of National Farm Safety & Health Week South Dakota Farmers Union Farm Safety trailer will be making stops at area schools to provide hands-on farm safety education.

“Agriculture remains one of the deadliest U.S. occupations, with fatality rates higher than mining and construction. This is the reason farm safety education is a strong focus of our organization,” explains Karla Hofhenke, SDFU Executive Director. “The hands-on nature of this trailer will enhance this mission and allow us to provide farm safety education to youth year-round.”

Tracy Chase agrees. Chase teaches science and co-teaches agriculture education at McCook Central High School. “When learning is hands-on, it engages students’ thought processes so they understand what they are learning,” explains Chase.

Chase says farm safety is a very real concern. “A farm safety accident had a large impact on our community this last year when a senior rolled his ATV and sustained a severe concussion that kept him from playing sports. Accidents touch close to home. Everyone needs reminders – youth and adults.”

Complete with an ATV simulator, grain bin safety, PTO safety and more, the trailer was designed by the SDFU team based on research and creatively addressing common safety concerns. It took more than a year to complete.

“Preventing accidents through fun and interaction is the No. 1 goal of the SDFU Farm Safety Trailer,” explains Rocky Forman, SDFU Member Services Coordinator. “This week and throughout the entire year, we are eager to partner with schools, 4-H clubs and FFA chapters and other organizations to bring our safety trailer to rural communities so South Dakota youth receive farm safety education that we hope prevents accidents and worse.”

Year-round the SDFU Farm Safety Trailer is on the road educating youth, to bring the trailer to your community, contact Forman at 605-350-3421 or

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