Farm Safety

  • According to the 2013 US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the combined occupations of agriculture, forestry and fishing has the highest rate of occupational deaths with 480 farm work-related deaths annually.
  • Each year, 115 children ages 0-19 are killed with 4 of 5 of them being present in the workplace, but not working. 
  • Tractor accidents are the leading cause of death at around 125 annually.  Other deaths involve livestock, falls and suffocation from grain or gases.
  • Every day, roughly 167 agricultural workers suffer a lost-work-time injury. Five percent of these injuries result in permanent impairment.
  • The mean cost of a tractor overturn is $1 million.
    • Every $1 invested in ROPS installation yields $3.75 in investment return
  • The annual cost of occupational agricultural injuries is $8.3 billion with the mean cost of a single tractor overturn accident being $1 million.

Watertown member Jason Ries talks farm safety with KDLT News here

On June 1, 2016, NFU Foundation will be releasing a brand new series of farm safety videos. These 10 videos will be available digitally on the NFU website at, on NFU’s YouTube channel, as well as available on DVD or thumb drive with a donation to the NFU Foundation. With the release of the videos, we are encouraging our members, friends of agriculture, and the public to watch and/or share the videos through traditional media and social media channels. We ask that you help us spread the word to keep our farmers, families and neighbors safe on and around the farm!

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