The Community Concept

South Dakota Farmers Union introduces The Community Concept program as a way to challenge our Farmers Union counties to reach out and impact their communities through a matching funds program.

The Farmers Union state office is offering matching funds to counties that are willing to dig into their county monies and give to others in need.  Needs may include but are not limited to: rural economic growth, housing development, small community daycare improvements, personal community causes (cancer, farm rescue, etc.), food pantry, coats for community kids, etc.

The hope of this program is to see Farmers Union members join together as a community to provide tangible help to their neighbors, sharing with those in need.  Your challenge is to see how you will generously provide aid to others through matching funds.

The Community Concept program will be promoted through information sent to all Farmers Union officers, Farmers Union insurance agents, the Union Farmer publication, and others in the organization interested in the development of rural communities. 

Check back soon for the 2019 Application 

  • Matching funds are for up to $500. 
  • One matched fund per district. A total of 7 matched funds is available in a calendar year.  
  • Funds will be presented by representatives from the county chapter and the Farmers Union state office. 

The Community Concept program brings people together. And together, we can impact our communities through acts of kindness and generosity, generated through local sources.

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