2018 S.D. Farmers Union Young Producer Event to be Held in Sioux Falls July 13-14

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Farmers, ranchers and their spouses are invited to the 2018 S.D. Farmers Union Young Producer Event to be held in Sioux Falls July 13 and 14 at no cost to members and $50 to non-members.

 "This event is one of the best programs we sponsor," says Chad Johnson, 45, a crop and cattle farmer and District 7 board member.

 Johnson shares how the Young Producers Event he and his wife, Michelle, attended a few years back made a positive and lasting impact on their family farm. During the event, they listened to an expert discuss farm and ranch transition and estate planning. After the event, Johnson invited the speaker to his farm to visit with his dad and mom.

 "Prior to the event, every time I brought up the topic of a transition plan with my parents, my dad would get uncomfortable and change the subject. It was kind of taboo," Johnson explains. "After we learned about the tax ramifications of not having a plan, we shared those with Dad and he was open to a discussion."

 More discussions and official paperwork followed. "We had our succession plan set up and some wills drawn up in case something happened," Johnson says. "It was a good thing too, because my dad passed away this July of cancer. I'm glad we had those talks out of the way, and out in the open with the family ahead of time, so we didn't have to worry."

Each year, S.D. Farmers Union (SDFU) invites experts to discuss topics relevant to young farmers and ranchers. Some topics to be covered this year include: precision agriculture and new tax laws.

 "Young producers don't have time to waste, so this event is designed to provide maximum impact with valuable information they can take home and apply on their farms and ranches," explains Rocky Forman, SDFU Member Services Coordinator and the event organizer.

 He adds that the event is also designed to give young couples a fun weekend   getaway where they can network with other South Dakota farmers and ranchers.

 "It's nice to visit with other farmers who face similar challenges and learn how they deal with them. Over the years, Michelle and I have stayed in touch with friends we've made through this event," Johnson says.

 To learn more about the 2018 SDFU Young Producer event and to sign up, visit www.sdfu.org or contact Forman at Rforman@sdfu.org or call 605-350-3421

SDFU board member, Chad Johnson and his wife, Michelle say the S.D. Farmers Union Young Producers Event is a valuable opportunity. They are pictured here with their children, Porter and Brenna.

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