Celebrate Farmer's Markets

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I'm thinking about that plump, juicy ear of sweetcorn that is waiting in my fridge to be devoured. It will be slathered in warm butter, if I'm eating it. And I'm thinking about those who raise all that delicious produce that can then be turned into favorite desserts, or whatever it is we are craving. Fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy - all raised by hard working people who love the land and what it produces. While in town awhile back, my heart skipped a beat and I had to resist the urge to stop at the colorful, bustling farmer's market that was set up along the road. Why resist? Because I have my own garden, eggs, and access to fresh fruit and local honey. Besides that, produce at the farmer's market is always displayed in such a way that I am enticed to buy it whether I need it or not. It makes my mouth water and I don't have the self-control to resist. Plump, juicy, bright red tomatoes? I have to have some... This week is National Farmers Market Week. As we celebrate the homegrown, healthy, sustainable foods on our tables, let's also celebrate all those who toil on the land to provide the abundance of food we have available. Happy eating!!

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