Farmers Union Curriculum Available for Teachers

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Children of all ages are growing up believing food comes from refrigerators, fast food restaurants, or grocery stores. National Farmers Union’s (NFU) “Growing Good Taste” curriculum provides teachers with lesson plans that address healthy nutrition, responsible eating habits, and connecting food to America’s family farms and ranches.

“In the United States, children get 40 percent of their calories from fat and sugar found in such food items as soda, snacks, and fast food,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “One in three children is overweight. Our curriculum uses a variety of activities to educate students of all ages on the value of a healthy and balanced diet.”

The lessons also emphasize knowing the food supply system from field to fork. Many of the activities have students preparing food items to gain a better understanding of healthy ingredients.

NFU’s curriculum is available free of charge and may be found at There are four different one-hour lessons for grades 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Additional lessons for collegiate and adult students are also online. These lessons originally were written for volunteer leaders to teach youth attending Farmers Union summer camps and day classes.

“’Growing Good Taste’ has been presented to thousands of youth across the nation,” said Johnson. “It has proved to be informative, engaging and fun for both the students and their instructors.”

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