Harvest Lunches Are Good for the Soul

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As the old saying goes, the way to a "farmer's heart is through their belly." (OK, a little different than the original, but you get the point.) Making sure producers feel appreciated is the goal of South Dakota Farmers Union annual harvest lunch program, it's one way we can say 'thank you' to South Dakota family farmers for what they do to feed the rest of us and care for the land. Farmers are the workforce behind our state's No. 1 industry. Throughout harvest 2018, SDFU staff delivers hundreds of harvest lunches while drivers are unloading grain at several South Dakota elevators. They also make deliveries to the field. Most of our SDFU team has a farm or ranch background and understand how busy and stressful the harvest season is. And, with prices and weather making Harvest 2018 difficult for many, by providing sustenance for the body we hope our lunches can give a boost to the soul. We want our farmers to know how much we value the work that they do, day-in-and-day-out, to feed the world and sustain South Dakota's rural communities.

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