Lake Preston Farmer Reelected to serve as Vice President of South Dakota Farmers Union

December 4, 2017

Wayne Soren was reelected to serve as Vice President of South Dakota Farmers Union during the organization's 102nd State Convention held in Huron Nov. 30-Dec.1, 2017. Soren has served in this position since 2010.

 "Throughout the years I have been actively involved in Farmers Union, I am constantly impressed with the grassroots' changes we are able to make in our state to improve the lives and livelihoods of South Dakota's family farmers and ranchers," said Soren, a third-generation farmer who raises corn, soybeans, wheat and operates a cow/calf herd near Lake Preston. "I have seen the power, sharing our story, has on impacting positive change for family farmers and ranchers."

 Soren became involved in Farmers Union nearly three decades ago when former SDFU President, Dallas Tonsager invited him to a meeting where the National Farmers Union president spoke. A few months later, Tonsager invited Soren to another meeting where he got to hear another National Farmers Union President speak.

 Impressed by the leadership of Farmers Union, Soren decided this was an organization he needed to join.

 Jumping in with both feet, Soren began carving out time in his busy farm and fathering schedule for County meetings, Pierre Legislative Days and D.C. Fly-Ins (Soren's wife, Vicki, works fulltime off the farm, so when their boys, Jason and  Ryan were growing up, the boys spent time with Soren helping him on the farm in lieu of daycare).

 It wasn't long before his active membership became active leadership. First as a County Counselor officer, then as District  3 President and in 2010, Soren was elected to serve as the South Dakota Farmers Union Vice President. 

 "In my leadership role, I have shared this message with our members because waiting for positive change can get frustrating. However, we must never give up. I also believe that positive change  requires some give and take. To be an effective leader I believe it is important to figure out how to strike a balance with political leaders to reach a positive outcome," Soren said.

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