Meat Labeling, Premium E30, Climate Change - Farmers & Ranchers Join the Conversation During 2018 SD Farmers Union Convention

December 3, 2018

South Dakota family farmers and ranchers gathered today in Pierre for the 2018 State S.D. Farmers Union Convention held November 29-30.

 Timely topics highlighted during convention include: truth in labeling, climate change's impact on rural America's economy, mental health issues among agriculture producers and the success story of Glacial Lake's Energy Cooperative E30 Challenge program.

 "We're a grassroots organization focused on supporting our state's family farmers, ranchers and the communities they call home," said Doug Sombke, SDFU President. "The topics we chose for this year's convention are ones that impact our members, so our team made a point to invite experts who can share relevant information."

 As a grassroots organization, policy development is a large focus of the annual convention. Policy discussed and voted on by members during this convention will serve as a guide when engaging with South Dakota legislators during the 2019 Legislative Session. And, policy that extends beyond state boundaries will be taken by South Dakota Farmers Union delegates to the National Farmers Union Convention in Bellevue, Washington, March 3-5, 2019.

 "Our policy serves as a guide for what our staff will advocate for on behalf of our members here in South Dakota, but also in Washington, D.C.," explained Sombke, a fourth generation Conde crop and cattle producer. "During these challenging times, farmers and ranchers need a strong and unified voice. South Dakota Farmers Union is that voice for farmers."

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