NYAC Member Mason Farber Addresses National Convention

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Britton native Mason Farber addressed the National Farmers Union convention Tuesday being held in the Omaha suburb of La Vista, Neb. Farber, a freshman at South Dakota State University, is a member of the NFU's National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC). 

"In a cooperative, every person is equal," Farber said. "There aren't any controlling interests or investors who want fast results. One person equals one vote."

Farber said the fact that patron-owners work together for a common interest, the structure of cooperatives allows for "equality and a level playing field versus stock holders in a publically traded company where one person gets as many votes as they have stocks."

The NYAC is part of the NFU education program, where the members are elected by their peers during the All-States camp held in Bailey, Colo., each year. Farber is the latest in a long list of South Dakota youth who have been chosen to serve on the prestigious council. Ten South Dakotans have served on the council over the past eight years.

"Education is a major part of cooperatives," Farber told the convention delegates. "Most co-ops provide some form of education for their members to futher their learning opportunities."

Mason and other members of the NYAC discussed the importance of cooperatives during the 110th anniversary convention of the National Farmers Union.


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