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I just read where you can order a diaper online for your pet chicken. It's amazing to what extent people will go for a pet. This makes me think about all those adorable animals that are getting groomed and trained for 4-H, in hopes of earning the coveted purple ribbon at achievement days or the state fair. Those animals, after hours of working with them, often become pets. Honestly, that crazy chicken diaper that costs between $17-$30 or is cheap compared to the money that goes into some of those 4-H animals. But after a conversation with a 4-H parent, hearing how their child has grown in their speaking abilities, leadership skills, and confidence, as well as becoming more responsible, and I can't help but think that I'm going to have to throw in with that crowd and enroll my child in the program when he becomes of age. It's not cheap or easy. It's long, hot days outdoors in the dust or rain or cold, taking care of loved animals, in hopes of greater rewards. The payoffs appear to be worth all that to provide life-long skills for my child. Are you one of the thousands of 4-H parents who are packing up camper, trailer, feed, food, animals and kids, bound for the state fair and a week of adventures? We wish you all the best in showing... and surviving.

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