S.D. Farmers Union President Doug Sombke Agreed to Exclusive TV Interview with KELO TV

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Today, during the 6 o'clock news, Doug Sombke, South Dakota Farmers Union President was interviewed by KELO TV following the 7 to 46 vote by Dist. 7 members which shut down a resolution asking for his resignation.

 Sombke stands by the election results decided by the members during the Centennial Convention held Dec. 9-10, 2015 in Huron.

 "I am proud of the work that I've done with Farmers Union. I am proud of where we have come since I have been the president of this organization and we will continue to do better," said Sombke, a fourth generation Conde farmer.

Sombke has led the organization since 2005. Together with the SDFU nine-member board of directors, who like Sombke are all South Dakota farmers or ranchers, the membership has surged to exceed 17,000. In the last 10 years the organization has nearly quadrupled their assets, putting the organization in the best financial shape it has ever been.

 Sombke added. "Anyone can yell fire in a crowded room. It is the role of the Farmers Union board to calmly walk people to safety even if it is a false alarm," said Sombke, "We have procedures and bylaws in place for our elections. The board does not create these bylaws, it is our membership. There is no fire. There isn't even any smoke. The 9-member board unanimously agrees this election will stand."

  "I won't resign because the membership voted me in to this position, and I will fulfill my obligations," said Sombke, who reminds folks that the Ballots and Credential reports from the Dec. 2015 election have NOT been destroyed.

 "Some members want to sling mud. That is not who I am, or who we are as an organization," said Sombke who farms with his three sons, Brett, Bryan and Bryce. "This position requires sacrifices by me and my family. I do it because I believe in family farmers and ranchers and I want to pass this on to my kids what my dad pass on to me."

 Sombke added that the SDFU board of directors board acted swiftly by calling a special meeting to review the resolutions being put forward by this group. "We acted swiftly and unanimously and rejected these disjointed resolutions. Continuing to produce these non-binding resolutions and expecting a different answer will not happen," he said. "We are focusing on the future and moving our entire membership forward."

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