SD Farmers Union Urges Gov. Noem to Sign House Bill 1191 to Provide New Crop Option for South Dakota's Farmers & Ranchers

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South Dakota Farmers Union applauds the South Dakota State Legislature for passing House Bill 1191 today, March 11, 2019, and urges Governor Kristi Noem to sign the bill which legalizes raising industrial hemp.

 House Bill 1191 passed with a vote of 58 to eight with four excused. Currently waiting for the Governor's signature to become law, the bill supports the 2018 farm bill which legalized raising industrial hemp at the federal level.

 "Passing House Bill 1191 is forward thinking. If the Governor would sign this bill, it will open the door to processors and allow our family farmers and ranchers to remain competitive with surrounding states which have passed similar bills," said Doug Sombke, SDFU President and fourth-generation Conde crop and cattle farmer.

 Industrial hemp is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant, well suited to growing conditions on both sides of the river. Agriculture states surrounding South Dakota have already legalized raising industrial hemp, opening the doors for farmers and ranchers to explore production and marketing opportunities.

 House Bill 1191 incorporates nearly all amendments suggested by Governor Noem.

 "Montana farmers and ranchers are expected to plant 75,000 acres in 2019. It's the law in North Dakota and Wyoming's governor signed it into law last week. As an organization committed to supporting South Dakota's family farmers and ranchers, we urge Noem to sign the legislation which will put South Dakota on par with every surrounding state - maintaining a level playing field for our producers," Sombke said.


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