South Dakota Farmers Union Board of Directors Dispels Myths With Letter

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HURON, S.D. - For more than a century, South Dakota Farmers Union has supported the state's family farmers and ranchers. The organization's board of directors continues to support it's more than 17,000 members in standing by the election results tallied during the Dec. 2015 Annual Convention and validated by an outside lawyer.

 "The board has considered these resolutions and they are committed to the greater membership of South Dakota Farmers Union," said Joel Keierleber, Dist 4 Board member, in response to a request made by 25-30 members of it's Dist. 1 and Dist. 2 to hold a second convention.

 In response to allegations of mistreating staff, SDFU cannot discuss personnel issues.

 "However, the board of directors can tell you that no current or former employee has ever made a claim to the board that they were mistreated," said Kecia Beranek, Communication Specialist for SDFU. "The board is always willing to hear from every single employee."

Below is the letter, signed by the board of directors, and released to membership April 1, 2016 to let members statewide know there will not be a second convention and the election results stand.

While the organization must fight untrue allegations made by a very small segment, it's President and Conde farmer, Doug Sombke said South Dakota Farmers Union is focusing on the positive.

 "Because of the grassroots efforts of our members, we have plowed through some tough times in South Dakota agriculture as well as reaped the rewards of our labor," said Doug Sombke, President of South Dakota Farmers Union.

  • In 2015 the organization boasts the largest membership in more than two decades with 17,616 members.
  • The organization helped put the Independent Redistricting Commission Constitutional Amendment on the 2016 ballot.
  • Is the leading advocate for South Dakota's ethanol industry.
  • In last 10 years, under the current leadership of President Doug Sombke and the Board of Directors, the assets of South Dakota Farmers Union have nearly quadrupled. Today, the organization's balance sheet is the strongest it has been in many decades.

"We are over 100-years-old and have a lot to celebrate," Sombke said.


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