What you need to know about the ELD Rule.

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For motor carriers hauling stock and other Ag commodities the thought of complying with an entirely new mandate is overwhelming. Many haulers believe they will be subject to completely different regulations and electronic devices capable of shutting down their trucks when daily driving limits have been reached. In today's age of social media communication this misinformation has spread like wildfire, leaving haulers to ask themselves, what does the ELD Rule actually mean for me? More than likely if you're a motor carrier who was previously required to maintain records of duty status the ELD Rule applies to you, but no need to worry, daily driving limits have not changed. ELDs are just a new electronic way of logging your information, which could prove to be more convenient and safe for the driver. Installing an ELD device in your truck doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. An ELD can be as complex as a fleet management tool with ELD capabilities or as simple as an app on your phone. For drivers who use paper logs no more than 8 days during a 30 day period, don't worry, you are exempt from converting to an ELD and can continue to maintain your paper logs. Major questions have been arising for those hauling stock for the purpose of hobby, such as, individuals hauling to rodeos, horse shows or other stock shows. They wonder, am I now subject to the ELD Rule? To clear confusion for these hobby haulers, you are not. If you are not hauling for the purpose of business or to advertise and promote your farm you are in the clear. Prize money is often won at these events, but if you haven't made a business out of your rodeo or horse show career this money doesn't categorize you as someone hauling for business. S. D. Farmers Union encourages you to find reliable information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website, https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/electronic-logging-devices, or contact your local South Dakota Highway Patrol, https://dps.sd.gov/contact/locations?agency=6. ELD Graphic

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