2018 Farm Bill  

Picture this - a food system that recognizes the family farmers and ranchers who put food on our tables, that builds up our rural communities, and protects the natural resources we depend on. A food system in which no one has to wonder where their next meal will come from.

This is the food system Farmers Union members are advocating for and the future we’d like to see represented in the 2018 Farm Bill. If this is the future you want too, visit https://2018FarmBill.org and tell Congress we need a #FarmBillNow.

Watch the farm bill video here: https://2018farmbill.org/

What is the Farm Bill? Why is it important to you? Watch this animated short on the basics and importance of the Farm Bill - America's most important farm and food legislation. From the farmers that grow the food, to the land they steward, to the consumers who eat the food, we all benefits from the Farm Bill. Watch this short video here. 

The Farm Bill is America's most important farm and food legislation. And it needs to be a strong piece of legislation to truly helps our farmers, our land and environment, and our consumers. We all benefits from the Farm Bill. So when Congress looks to pass the Farm Bill this year, here's what Farmers Union members want to see from it! Watch this short video here 
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