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  • Clearing the Air on the Ethanol vs. Gasoline Debate. Click here 
  • Research proves E30 delivers the best performance to all autos click here 
  • Auto owners are biggest winners when transitioning  from E10 to E30 click here

 Premium E-30 in the News

  • 30% ethanol blend plan coming for county's vehicle fleet Click here
  • Ethanol’s Biggest Advocate May Be EPA? Click here

  • Fast Talk with Jeff Smith: The E30 Challenge. Click here

  • Pushing Ethanol at 95 click here

  • Sneakers Made from Corn? Seat Cushions from Soybeans? Click here
  • The Auto Channel Gives THUMBS UP to National Farmers Union Resolution on E30 Use click here
  • Recapping My Decade of Using and Experimenting With Alternative Fuels +VIDEO click here

  • National Farmers Union Supports Use of E30 in All Fuel Injected Vehicles click here

  • Senate Overwhelmingly Supports Use of Premium E-30 in State Fleet, House Up Next click here

  • Comments of The National Farmers Union, South Dakota Farmers Union, Minnesota Farmers Union, Montana Farmers Union, and North Dakota Farmers Union On the Environmental Protection Agency’s click here

  • NFU resolution supporting E30/94aki use in non-flex fuel (legacy) vehicles Opening Comments and supporting facts sheets click here 

All Auto-Owners!

Save $2-$4 Per Tank by choosing locally produced ethanol's 94 octane blend Super Premium E30's more power, lower cost, same mileage, fewer toxins, and cleaner engines' lower maintenance costs. 

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