Premium E-30

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Premium E-30 in the News

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E- 30 FACTS 

It’s Legal

You can choose E-30 over Gasoline in your non-flex fuel vehicle.

It’s Safe

Not a single vehicle warranty has been voided due to the use of E-30.

It’s Strong

More octane means more power with this premium fuel.

 It’s Clean

 E-30 significantly reduces the harmful gases coming from your tailpipe.

 It’s Healthy

E-30 doesn’t require the additives in gasoline that produce cancer causing chemicals like Benzene.

It's American 

The corn used in E-30 is grown right here in the U.S., decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.

It’s Supportive

In South Dakota alone, the ethanol industry supports over 26,000 jobs and generates nearly $7 billion in economic activity.

It’s Affordable

On average, E-30 costs you less than E10 and Regular Unleaded.