Uniting Farmers, Ranchers, & Rural Communities to Strengthen South Dakota 

South Dakota Farmers Union works to promote the interests of farmers and ranchers and their families – from a national, state and local perspective.  For over a century we’ve worked hard to advance sound and beneficial agricultural policies, but when you begin to delve into what that means, you find that “agriculture” covers a very wide territory.  At any given time, we might be involved in legislation related to food production, worker safety, free-market competition, commodity markets and index funds, national estate tax laws, environmental/sustainability issues, wind and solar energy, transportation issues  . . . the list is lengthy.  It keeps changing, and it keeps growing.  We work on our own and in cooperation with other like-minded organizations and businesses.

We provide numerous programs that support family farmers and ranchers – through our cooperatives programs, our educational and leadership development programs for rural youth and adults, our Farmers Union insurance,  and much more.  All this is provided at a cost per member that’s less than 10 cents per day.

America is the greatest country in the world and the agricultural community has been a strong and supporting pillar of this country throughout its history.  We honor that history by fighting every day for family farmers, ranchers and the rural way of life.  We invite you to join us and make this organization one person -- or one family -- stronger and larger, combining the vision and talents of many.

The work of South Dakota Farmers Union began in 1915, when farmers united to work together for the good of agricultural producers across the state.

Over the past century, Farmers Union has worked hard to preserve the family farm, save our rural way of life, and protect future generations of farmers and ranchers. We continue that work today -- serving rural communities all across South Dakota by providing education programs, cooperative support, rural development, and legislative action on behalf of thousands of South Dakota farmers and ranchers, South Dakota Farmers Union is the leading voice in agriculture, standing up for landowner rights and the future of the rural communities that make up the backbone of our state.

Our education programs teach the next generation the importance of cooperation, farm/ranch safety, civic responsibility, citizenship and environmental stewardship.

South Dakota Farmers Union is uniting farmers, ranchers and rural communities for a stronger South Dakota.