REAL Program

Rural Economic and Leadership Development Program

Building Leaders

The Rural Economic and Leadership (REAL) Development Program is a comprehensive series designed for rural South Dakotans who want to serve in a leadership role. Participants receive challenging and supportive development in areas like personal motivation, leadership strategy, goal achievement and community growth. Through innovative speakers and hands-on activities, participants develop skills that can be directly applied to their lives. They will be prepared to serve on a local co-op board of directors, county or city commissions, the state Legislature or a wide range of service clubs or community organizations. Participants gain valuable life skills that will help them in their professional and personal lives.

Questions contact Rachel-Haigh Blume at 605-352-6761 ext 125 or email her 


Junior REAL

Junior Rural Economics and Leadership (Jr. REAL) is a new and innovative leadership development program that invests in high school juniors and seniors and presents a comprehensive one-day seminar to students from various high schools in different locations across South Dakota.

If your school is interested in Jr. REAL, contact Rachel Haigh-Blume at (605) 352-6761 ext. 125  or email her 

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