Growth Energy Announces Partnership With NASCAR

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The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has announced a major long-term partnership with American Ethanol led by Growth Energy, an advocacy group made up of Amerian ethanol producers.

Starting with the 2011 season, the American ethanol industry will be an integral partner in NASCAR’s green efforts to promote “American Ethanol,” linking ethanol supporters with NASCAR fans.

NASCAR announced in October that it is switching to E15 for the 2011 season. When Sunoco Green E15 debuts in NASCAR this year, it will serve as the main rallying point for the American ethanol industry. With the first rev of the engines in Daytona, the sport’s iconic green flag will feature the American Ethanol brand, pushing it onto the global stage as a reminder to all that the fuel of the future is already here today.

The official announcement was made in Las Vegas, Nev., December 2, during NASCAR Championship Week events. Growth Energy held an event in Sioux Falls to watch the webcast of the announcement.

South Dakota Farmers Union President Doug Sombke congratulated Growth Energy on this partnership saying, “The fact that one of the most visible brands in America will be using more homegrown fuel is fantastic. Our nation’s farmers will benefit from this increase in the market and our environment will benefit because of this cleaner burning fuel.”

Sombke says this partnership goes well beyond just increasing the market for ethanol.

“By partnering with NASCAR, the ethanol industry will have a new outlet to tell its story,” Sombke said. “We’ll be reaching out to millions of people who may not know the benefits of using American-grown corn to fuel their vehicles. It’s my hope that this will lead to a greater use of flex-fuel vehicles and be a driving force to get more ethanol blender pumps installed at retail outlets across the country. Ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign oil and it creates jobs, creates wealth in our country, and we need both more than ever right now. I’m extremely excited about this major opportunity for the products farmers work so hard to produce.”

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