The Rural Lobbyist: Drone Bill SB 22 Flies Through the Senate

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Senate Bill 22 attempts to exempt certain unmanned aircraft systems (drones) from the state requirement of being a registered aircraft. The bill exempts all aircraft under 55lbs. It is important to note that the bill addresses nothing more than the registration of the aircraft at the state level. Drone fliers still need to comply with all other state and federal regulations, including ones that tell you where you can and can't fly it. The bill moved quickly through the Senate Transportation committee passing unanimously, but received one dissenting vote in an attempt to put it on the Senate Consent Calendar. Senator Jim Bolin felt the legislation needed to be discussed on the floor due to newness and rapid rise of this technology. As of 1/19 the bill has received a unanimous due pass vote in the Senate and awaits action in the House. South Dakota Farmers Union is in support of this bill and hopes to see quick action and passage. For more information on the legislation, click the link below:

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