The Rural Lobbyist: The importance of SDFU Legislative Day.

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Monday is a big day at the Capitol as Farmers Union members arrive for South Dakota Farmers Union Legislative Day. It's a great day for members because they have the opportunity to meet with their legislators to discuss the issues near and dear to them. Most importantly, the legislators truly listen. When voters from their respective districts show up to Pierre it sends a strong message. It is also a great opportunity for members to meet with other members across the state to discuss common problems and those problems that might not be so common. As the legislative specialist (lobbyist) for Farmers Union, I personally enjoy Legislative Day because it helps me better serve the membership. For one, it shows the strength of the Farmers Union membership to the legislative body. That makes me a more effective lobbyist and gives the messages I carry more weight with Senators and Representatives. It also gives me an opportunity to hear about issues first hand and how they affect members across the state. Below you will the schedule for Legislative Day: 9:30- Meet in the Capitol Rotunda for quick briefing and committee assignments. 12:00- Eat lunch with legislators in Capitol Rotunda 1:00- Attend Democratic Caucus (optional). Republican Caucus is closed to the public. 2:00- Attend House and Senate sessions.   Major issues currently being discussed affecting Farmers Union members:
  • Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Lab Funding
  • Passing Senate Bill 135, implementing COOL in South Dakota
  • Protecting voting rights and the initiated process
  • Improving the farm economy through using more of our own products like Premium E-30
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