Premium E-30

  South Dakota Farmers Union wants all auto owners to know they can legally save $4-$15/tank, support our troops and grow our local economy by purchasing 94 octane premium E30's more power, cleaner engines, and dramatically fewer poisonous tailpipe emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke.

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The message of Farmers Union, and those in support of COOL, focuses on consumer rights and a ranchers ability to differentiate their product in the marketplace. We argue that it is the consumer’s right to know where their food comes from.

Moreover, ranchers are proud to tell the consumer that their meat products are born and raised American products. Surveys by numerous organizations have repeatedly shown that consumers support COOL, with some counts as high as 95%! When COOL was threatened by a WTO ruling, over 200 consumers, farm, ranch, rural and community groups signed on to a letter supporting COOL. 

See the difference? We believe AMERICAN CITIZENS, not the business sector, have the right to dictate AMERICAN POLICY. We believe AMERICAN CITIZENS have the right to know where the food they eat comes from. That’s why we have labeling laws on products like fruits,   vegetables, nuts and more.  We even have labeling laws for the shirts on our backs. Why shouldn’t the meat we eat be held to the same standard? Especially considering that more than 60 other countries and the European Union have adopted similar, and in some cases more strict, labeling laws. American products are being labeled in countries around the world, but are no longer labeled here at home. Think about that.

 Cell Cultured-Protein

 Technology has advanced to where proteins are able to be produced using cell cultured technology. A major issue with this new technology is how the proteins will be labeled. The livestock industry does not support labeling foods produced using animal cell culture technology as meat. The term meat is our brand, applied to a product that livestock producers have worked for generations to perfect. We also believe that consumers have the right to know what they are eating. A product the has been developed in a petri dish or other media with the same label as livestock- cattle, pork, chicken, turkey, fish- raised and harvest in the traditional way, could dissolve trust between consumers and livestock producers.


Farm Bill 

What is the Farm Bill? Why is it important to you? Watch this animated short on the basics and importance of the Farm Bill - America's most important farm and food legislation. From the farmers that grow the food to the land they steward, to the consumers who eat the food, we all benefits from the Farm Bill. Watch this short video here

The Farm Bill is America's most important farm and food legislation. And it needs to be a strong piece of legislation to truly helps our farmers, our land and environment, and our consumers. We all benefits from the Farm Bill. So when Congress looks to pass the Farm Bill this year, here's what Farmers Union members want to see from it! Watch this short video here

President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law, authorizing and funding America’s farm and food programs through fiscal year 2023. Though there is still significant work to be done to improve our food system, many of the provisions included in the bill are victories for Farmers Union members. Here is an overview of 2018 Farm Bill wins: For a more detailed version of the Farm Bill provisions click here.